Representing Wisconsin Business Owners

Edwards Law Group LLC represents businesses of all sizes, from family farms and small businesses to large corporations. We represent hospitals, financial institutions, manufacturers, agribusiness, government entities and commercial ventures in a broad range of legal issues.

From collections to disputes over contracts, partnership and shareholder agreements, noncompete agreements, and trade secret agreements, we provide a breadth and depth of legal services to businesses owners.

Attorney Tim Edwards is one of Wisconsin's prominent authorities in electronic discovery and document retention. He provides consulting services for lawyers and clients who are having a difficult time navigating through challenging discovery issues involving electronic data. Tim also provides advice to corporate clients regarding best practices for document retention and preservation obligations before litigation begins. With Tim's guidance, litigants and businesses strengthen their position and fortify their compliance objectives in an ever-changing technical world. Put his experience and knowledge to use for you today.

Serving As Local Counsel For Other Law Firms: Sometimes, it is difficult to litigate in someone else's back yard. If you have a civil litigation case venued in state or federal court anywhere in Wisconsin, we are here to help. We are familiar with local practice expectations (and personalities) and proficient in the procedures that apply in our courts. With a local presence such as ours, you can equalize the disadvantage that comes from playing on an opposing party's home turf.

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