Protecting Your Interests In Construction Litigation

Construction is an exceedingly complex area of law. Your lawyer must have a comprehensive understanding of both the technical aspects of construction and the construction industry in general to properly protect your interests.

Edwards Law Group LLC offers the experience, knowledge and skill that you need. From our office in Madison, we represent contractors, architects, engineers, owners, developers, manufacturers and suppliers throughout Wisconsin. We also represent the companies that insure those businesses.

Helping You Meet Legal Challenges

Our attorneys have experience negotiating and litigating complex disputes involving multiple parties with significant resources at stake. We handle all types of construction matters, including:

  • Negotiating and drafting contracts
  • Property development
  • Advising clients on contract disputes, change orders and cost overruns
  • Construction defect claims involving issues such as design, code violations, water intrusion and faulty wiring
  • Mechanic's lien disputes
  • Payment and performance issues
  • Breach of warranty claims
  • Collections
  • Negligence cases
  • Fraud and misrepresentation
  • Environmental issues brought by government agencies

We understand that the cost of construction litigation can be high. Our goal is to help you reach a favorable resolution in the most efficient manner possible, whether by negotiation, mediation or arbitration or in court.

Seek Legal Advice Right Away

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