Representing Employers And Employees

Employment law is a central focus of Edwards Law Group LLC. From our office in Madison, we represent businesses and individuals in administrative and civil court proceedings across Wisconsin and in federal courts throughout the United States.

In all cases, Edwards Law Group LLC provides focused, personalized service. We handle all areas of employment law, from drafting policy handbooks and noncompete agreements to litigating breach of contract claims. We understand that the employment relationship is a high-value asset that must be handled with care and precision.

Attorney Tim Edwards has extensive experience in complex employment collective and class actions, some of which have resulted in multimillion-dollar settlements. Mr. Edwards served as both lead counsel and the e-discovery liaison on a number of these matters. Tim has advised and trained employers on document retention and electronic discovery issues throughout his career.

As An Employer, Are You Complying With Employment Laws?

Mr. Edwards provides careful legal guidance to employers on compliance matters that require individual attention and focused advice. For many employers, Edwards Law Group LLC offers guidance and training on document retention issues, including document preservation, litigation hold and social media policies. We also provide comprehensive advice on the drafting of workplace policies that reduce risk and clarify employee obligations.

Flat-fee arrangements are available for employers depending on the circumstances.

Where Do Legal Issues Arise?

Our attorneys are prepared to assist in any facet of employment compliance and litigation, including:

  • Discrimination and harassment: State and federal law prohibits employers from discriminating on many grounds, including race, age, sex, religion and disability. Sexual harassment claims also continue to proliferate. Harassment and discrimination claims often involve particular agency proceedings or resolution in federal court.
  • Retaliation: In addition, employers are prohibited by state and federal laws from retaliating against employees who come forward with complaints about workplace discrimination.
  • Wage and hour disputes: As wage and hour laws and regulations become more complex, it is easy for employers to make honest mistakes that end up violating the law.
  • Executive compensation: Executive compensation is a unique and specialized area of employment law that involves complex negotiations concerning compensation, benefits and stock options. We provide personal, cost-effective representation in this area, drawing on years of experience in negotiations of severance packages for highly compensated employees. Our lawyers also have extensive experience drafting and enforcing noncompete agreements and confidentiality agreements and litigating trade secret disputes.

Take Quick Action To Resolve Employment Law Issues

Our lawyers offer valuable guidance in employment litigation along with the ability to work with large amounts of electronic data at issue in these cases.

Addressing employment issues early can often prevent problems from getting out of hand. To schedule a free consultation, please call 608-390-3394 or send us an email.