Local Counsel Services

Court rules provide general guidelines, but they do not include local courthouse customs or details regarding the expectations of a particular judge. For information that cannot be researched in a book or online, you need a local partner who is familiar with federal and state courtrooms in Wisconsin.

If you have a civil litigation case venued in state or federal court anywhere in Wisconsin, Edwards Law Group LLC is available to help. We are familiar with local practice expectations (and personalities) and proficient in the procedures that apply in our courts. With a local presence such as ours, you can equalize the disadvantage that comes from playing on an opposing party's home turf.

Why Partner With Edwards Law Group LLC?

Attorney Tim Edwards, based in Madison, has established an excellent legal reputation over approximately 20 years in legal practice. He has been recognized as one of the top 100 attorneys in Wisconsin and has taught civil procedure, pretrial advocacy and electronic discovery at the University of Wisconsin Law School. Tim is a well-recognized author and speaker on e-discovery issues and one of the few Wisconsin lawyers who is recognized as a Certified E-Discovery Specialist by the Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists (ACEDS).

Localized Advice Throughout Litigation

Knowledge of custom and practice in a courthouse only comes from litigating cases and appearing in front of local judges. For more information on our local counsel services, please call 608-390-3394 or send us a message online.