Worker Classification To Meal Breaks

The Fair Labor Standards Act and correlating Wisconsin law require employers to pay minimum wage and overtime to employees who are not otherwise "exempt" from the law's overtime requirements. The law provides a remedy when employers misclassify employees or otherwise fail to compensate them for compensable time, such as overtime, "off the clock" work or other unpaid work that benefits the employer. Similarly, it is illegal for an employer to withhold tips, pool and separate tips unfairly and deduct certain costs and expenses from an employee's paycheck.

These cases are generally referred to as wage and hour claims. For small and medium-sized employers that do not have their own human resources departments, wage and hour mistakes can be costly. For employees, violations may seem minimal and it may take talking to an employment attorney to recognize and identify your rights.

Edwards Law Group LLC in Madison offers tailored legal services to employers and employees that are designed to meet each client's unique needs. We handle all areas of employment law and regularly advise clients on compliance issues involving wage and hour law. Our attorneys also provide personalized legal representation in administrative and court proceedings involving the misclassification of exempt and nonexempt employees, wage and overtime disputes, and related actions. Please call Attorney Tim Edwards for a free consultation.

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