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Businesses: do you use non-compete agreements indiscriminately? P.3

In our last couple posts, we’ve been looking at the topic of non-compete agreements, and specifically at some of the requirements of Wisconsin law when it comes to negotiating valid and enforceable non-compete agreements. As we noted last time, non-compete agreements must be reasonable with respect to duration and territory.

Businesses: do you use non-compete agreements indiscriminately? P.2

Last time, we began looking at the issue of non-compete agreements in Wisconsin. As we noted, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is among those who feel that excessive use and enforcement of non-compete agreements stifles innovation in Wisconsin.

4 of the most important employee rights

Disputes over employees' rights can tear a workplace apart. It's critical for both sides - employers and employees - to know what intrinsic rights workers hold. Many disputes and confrontations are avoided by simply understanding the law and how it impacts workplace relationships. These same laws can help solve disputes that have already arisen. While employee rights have grown fairly complex over the years, here are four of the most important ones.

Businesses: do you use non-compete agreements indiscriminately? P.1

Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett wrote an interesting op-ed that was recently published in the Journal Sentinel. The subject of the piece was an issue that is important for many businesses in Wisconsin: non-compete contracts. For businesses, of course, non-compete agreements are a way to protect proprietary business information from being appropriated by former employees for the benefit of a competitor. For employees, they can reduce the ability to find alternative work.


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