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April 2017 Archives

Work with experienced advocate when negotiating executive compensation

Fair compensation is a high priority for anybody, in any profession. It is especially important for those employed in executive positions that require a high-level of expertise, time commitment, and personal responsibility. Those who are in a spot that allows them to consider employment offers for such positions understand the importance of negotiation, but may not know how to best approach to negotiating their own compensation agreements.

Did your employee violate a work contract on social media?

Social media has revolutionized how people communicate. In some cases, it can help those who live far apart to remain in close contact. In other cases, it can allow one person to sully the reputation and brand of a business or organization with just a few poorly considered comments.

Consult an experienced attorney to develop effective internal complaint process

Last time, we began looking at recent court decision by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals dealing with an issue that is currently the subject of a split among federal courts: whether employees who report suspected violations of the Dodd-Frank Act are covered by that law’s whistleblower protections. As we noted, the court broadened the law’s whistleblower protections to include internal whistle-blowing.


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