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Backpay possible following an employment wage dispute

Wanting to be fully and fairly compensated for one's time on the job is not unreasonable. When an employment wage dispute does occur, though, what can the affected individual do and what relief -- if any -- may be obtained? Through legal means, Wisconsin residents may seek compensation for their losses and even seek backpay for the time that they were unfairly or inappropriately paid.

According to the Department of Labor, if an individual believes that he or she is the victim of some sort of wage violation committed by his or her current or former employer, that person has two years from the date of the violation to seek compensation by filing claims in court. After the statute of limitations runs out, then the individual forfeits his or her right to seek relief through legal means. In other words, do not wait too long to take action.

Many wage violation complaints are resolved by the employer agreeing to pay backpay -- money that should have been paid. However, there are others who do not believe that this alone is sufficient. It is possible to seek further compensation either through trial or out-of-court negotiations.

A wage violation is a serious matter. Few people work just for the joy of it. They do it to survive financially. Wisconsin residents who believe that they are victims of employment wage violations may seek compensation for their losses with the assistance of an experienced attorney. With help, they can take the actions necessary to hopefully resolve the issue in a way that best benefits them.

Source: dol.gov, "Backpay", Accessed on Sept. 27, 2017

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