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October 2017 Archives

When a contract breach requires business litigation

Company owners in Wisconsin utilize business contracts in order to keep their companies running smoothly. These legal documents hold the signing parties responsible for upholding their end of the agreements. What happens, though, when one side fails to keep his or her end of the deal and negotiations fail to resolve the matter? This is when business litigation may be necessary.

Do you have a legally-defensible drug testing policy in place?

If you are the owner of a Wisconsin construction company, chances are good that you have dealt with the consequences of workers who smoke marijuana. Maybe a stoned construction worker wound up getting hurt on the job and filed a claim for workers' compensation. Perhaps a laborer made a costly error after getting high at lunch time. Either way, a stoned workforce can't consistently produce quality work for your clients.

Business litigation sometimes needed to handle partner disputes

Going into business can be rough. It is not always rainbows and butterflies. It is hard work. To help ease some of the stress associated with owning and operating a company, some people open with a partner or bring one on after the fact. Unfortunately, some Wisconsinites may find that doing so also has its challenges, and certain disputes between partners may require business litigation.


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