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Wisconsin construction litigation: property development issues

Developing property, whether in Wisconsin or elsewhere, is not a small job. Developers and builders have to work together to see a project really come to life. If anything goes wrong along the way, or if issues are found with the property once it is finished, those responsible for the problems could face construction litigation or other legal claims.

Property development starts with an idea. Then, the developer must find land that fits that idea. Sometimes, this is easy to do, and other times, it takes fighting for zoning and land use changes. Once the property is obtained, it then takes finalizing the plan, working on a budget and making sure everything is above board from a legal standpoint.

It is not uncommon for issues to arise during or after property development. Developers and builders may find themselves disputing certain things that may or may not be resolved without legal assistance. Those who take over the property may claim to find issues with the construction that they want repaired. No matter the issue, it can end up costing a lot to resolve if it is not handled the right way.

So, what can developers or construction agencies in Wisconsin do when construction litigation or other legal claims are filed against them? First, they can turn to an experienced attorney for help. Not all legal claims end up going to court. With legal assistance, it may be possible to resolve the issue with negotiations, which can save a lot of time and money. If, however, negotiations fail, litigation may be the best way to go.

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