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Wisconsin woman wins employment litigation lawsuit

A woman in Wisconsin recently won her pregnancy discrimination lawsuit against her employer. Sadly, pregnancy discrimination happens all too often. Others who find themselves in similar situations as this woman may also file employment litigation claims in civil court.

According to a recent report, a caregiver at Silverado Oak Village in Menomonee Falls requested light duty due to medical restrictions stemming from her pregnancy. Her employer refused the request and ultimately fired her instead. As a result, this individual filed a discrimination lawsuit in hopes of settling with her former employer out of court. The negotiations process failed to produce desirable results, however, so her case went to trial.

Going to trial did not help her former employer. The court sided with the plaintiff and awarded her $80,000 in compensation. Silverado has also been ordered to post notices of the trial settlement, revise company policies, report light duty requests to the EEOC and re-train managers regarding the rights of pregnant workers.

Pursuing employment litigation claims for pregnancy-related discrimination may feel rather intimidating, but the case above shows that doing so can have a positive outcome. Wisconsin residents who have been subjected to this or any other form of discrimination in the workplace do not have to let it stand. An experienced employment law attorney can review the details of one's case and, if appropriate, help one seek fair and full compensation -- whether economic or non-economic in nature -- through legal means. Depending on how one's case works out, a settlement may be achieved out of court or a judgment may be achieved through litigation.

Source: insurancejournal.com, "Wisconsin Residential Care Provider to Pay $80K to Settle Discrimination Lawsuit", Feb. 2, 2018

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