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March 2018 Archives

Wisconsin construction litigation: Mistreatment of subcontractors

A big construction firm sought out bids from subcontractors to work on their project. You were chosen, a contract was put together that you felt was fair and you got to work. Partway through the project, you're told you're fired, effective immediately -- no real answers were given, and now they are refusing to pay you for your time. Such issues happen all too often in Wisconsin, and filing construction litigation cases may be necessary to resolve them.

Wisconsin employment: Hotels ordered to pay back wages to workers

Two hotel companies in another state were recently ordered to pay back wages to some of their employees. A total of 14 employees were reportedly not paid for working over their scheduled 40 hours per week, and some were paid less than minimum wage. Sadly, wage violations are common and can occur anywhere and in any job field. Wisconsin residents who believe they are victims of wage violations can turn to an employment law attorney for help in seeking compensation for their losses.

Construction litigation: Accused of using defective supplies?

You've been in construction for a long time. You take pride in your work. You do the best you can and make sure you are using quality materials. Then, it happened; a few months or years after finishing a project, you are accused of using defective supplies and are being sued for damages. Construction litigation of this kind is all too common in Wisconsin and elsewhere.


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