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Family business succession can lead to business litigation

You've been apart of your Wisconsin-based family business all your life. You've worked hard to prove yourself to your dad, brothers, sisters, grandparents and every other family member who has an interest in the company. Then, the unthinkable happened. The main business owner died without leaving a succession plan. This failure to plan may lead to business litigation if the family cannot agree on what to do next.

Whether you feel you are the best candidate to continue moving the business forward or disagree with others who step forward trying to take over, you have the right to speak up. It is unfortunate that a succession plan was not put in place, but that does not mean that the business has to go down the drain. It may be possible to keep things going, it just may take a lot of legal work to make that happen in the best possible way.

Family members fighting over the future of a family business when the main owner passes away is actually fairly common. It can cause a lot of grief, pain and uncertainty. Everyone may have different ideas about what should be done. If you cannot come to terms by talking things out in private, legal counsel may be able to help. Some issues may be resolved through mediation, while others may require litigation -- every case is different.

If you are dealing with family business succession issues in Wisconsin, you do not have to go through it all alone. With legal counsel at your side, things can be figured out so that the company can continue to grow and move forward -- if that is what is desired. To learn how a business litigation attorney can help you with this type of situation, please take a moment and visit our firm's website.

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