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Understanding religious discrimination in Wisconsin

Across the United States, all employees have the legal right to be treated fairly, and given jobs based on their merits rather than arbitrary characteristics and employers' biases. Unfortunately, however, discrimination of all types still happens in the workplace, and often it goes unchecked.

If you are an employee or a job applicant and you believe that you have been discriminated against in Wisconsin, it is important that you take action and assert your rights.

Religious discrimination, in particular, can be an extremely difficult issue to deal with as a victim. As an employee or a job applicant, you have a right to freedom of belief, and a right to express yourself as long as it does not create a hostile environment at work. A person who has experienced hostility in the workplace because of one's religion might start to feel the need to hide it due to fear of embarrassment or shame. It is important in these situations to know where the law stands, and to stand up to your right to freedom of religion.

What does Wisconsin law say about religious discrimination in the workplace?

There is a law in place known as the Wisconsin Fair Employment Act, which specifies that it is unlawful for any workplace discrimination to take place because of a job applicant's or an employee's creed. The term "creed" refers to any set of religious or moral values that a person holds.

Discrimination is defined as the act of treating any person unfairly or differently because of a certain characteristic. Therefore, under Wisconsin religious discrimination law, it would be unlawful for an employer to refuse to employ you based on the fact that you and the employer do not share the same religion, for example.

In addition to this, several other behaviors enacted by employers could be classed as religious discrimination in Wisconsin. Any behavior that is perceived to create a hostile environment in the workplace, for example, an employer not being reasonable about allowing you to wear some religious dress, or making hurtful comments, could be grounds for legal action.

If you are feeling uncomfortable in the workplace because of your employer's treatment of your religion, it is important that you take action to get the result you deserve.

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