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Wisconsin construction litigation: being green

Construction is not just about making a building and developing a piece of property. Environmental impact is now a deciding factor in terms of approving construction projects, allowing projects underway to continue or holding builders responsible for any damages done after a job is completed. Wisconsin-based building companies may find themselves facing construction litigation claims if their projects are thought bad for the environment. 

How can construction harm the environment? First off, the electricity consumption for completed buildings can be astronomical. Then there is the energy used to build the project, and transport supplies and workers to the project site on top of that. It is no small thing. 

Construction projects can also do a real number on air quality, water use and water quality. Completed construction projects are said to be responsible for nearly 40 percent of CO2 emissions, which promote climate change. When it comes to water use, during and after construction, a lot of water is wasted, and some of it may draw harmful substances into the ground and back into water sources. 

Finally, construction materials can negatively impact the environment. Production of materials is often done in a non-environmentally friendly way, and a lot of building materials end up in landfills. In 2003 alone, there were 170 millions tons of construction waste materials that ended up in incinerators or landfills. 

More construction companies in Wisconsin and elsewhere are taking steps to build green in accordance with Environmental Protection Agency standards. Those who do not may find themselves facing construction litigation for purposefully harming the environment. Fighting the federal government over such accusations will not prove an easy feat. Those who find themselves in such a position can turn to an attorney with experience handling such cases in the federal court arena. 

Source: bosscontrols.com, "How Buildings Impact the Environment", Accessed on April 12, 2018

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