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Understanding religious discrimination in Wisconsin

Across the United States, all employees have the legal right to be treated fairly, and given jobs based on their merits rather than arbitrary characteristics and employers' biases. Unfortunately, however, discrimination of all types still happens in the workplace, and often it goes unchecked.

Do you have a legally-defensible drug testing policy in place?

If you are the owner of a Wisconsin construction company, chances are good that you have dealt with the consequences of workers who smoke marijuana. Maybe a stoned construction worker wound up getting hurt on the job and filed a claim for workers' compensation. Perhaps a laborer made a costly error after getting high at lunch time. Either way, a stoned workforce can't consistently produce quality work for your clients.

Here's why you need to know the Fair Labor Standards Act

Fair wages are important to you, but they're also important to those around you. When you're not being paid fairly, you can assume that others aren't, either. When it comes to getting the correct wages, it's your employer's responsibility to follow the law. If he or she doesn't and violates your rights, you can take legal action.

Did your employee violate a work contract on social media?

Social media has revolutionized how people communicate. In some cases, it can help those who live far apart to remain in close contact. In other cases, it can allow one person to sully the reputation and brand of a business or organization with just a few poorly considered comments.


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