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Wisconsin construction litigation: being green

Construction is not just about making a building and developing a piece of property. Environmental impact is now a deciding factor in terms of approving construction projects, allowing projects underway to continue or holding builders responsible for any damages done after a job is completed. Wisconsin-based building companies may find themselves facing construction litigation claims if their projects are thought bad for the environment. 

Wisconsin construction litigation: Mistreatment of subcontractors

A big construction firm sought out bids from subcontractors to work on their project. You were chosen, a contract was put together that you felt was fair and you got to work. Partway through the project, you're told you're fired, effective immediately -- no real answers were given, and now they are refusing to pay you for your time. Such issues happen all too often in Wisconsin, and filing construction litigation cases may be necessary to resolve them.

Construction litigation: Accused of using defective supplies?

You've been in construction for a long time. You take pride in your work. You do the best you can and make sure you are using quality materials. Then, it happened; a few months or years after finishing a project, you are accused of using defective supplies and are being sued for damages. Construction litigation of this kind is all too common in Wisconsin and elsewhere.

Wisconsin construction litigation: property development issues

Developing property, whether in Wisconsin or elsewhere, is not a small job. Developers and builders have to work together to see a project really come to life. If anything goes wrong along the way, or if issues are found with the property once it is finished, those responsible for the problems could face construction litigation or other legal claims.

Is construction litigation necessary to deal with a defect?

Buying a home really is a big deal. It is a significant investment, and one that takes some years or even decades to afford. Unfortunately, it is usually long after the papers have been signed and one is all moved in that problems with the construction of the home may become apparent. Wisconsin residents who are dealing with construction defects may have to resort to construction litigation in order to resolve the matter.

Sorting out liability for construction delays: work with experienced attorney, P.2

In our last post, we began looking at the topic of construction delays, particularly the potential costs they can have on those participating in a construction project and the potential difficulties of sorting out who is liable when a delay occurs.

Sorting out liability for construction delays: work with experienced attorney, P.1

Previously, we mentioned the importance of homeowners taking precautions to protect themselves when working with contractors on a project. One of the important precautions homeowners and property owners should take is to ensure the agreement they enter into specifies clear completion dates and remedies for resolving disputes over liability for construction delays.

Wisconsin homebuilder plagued by numerous mechanics’s lien filings

Building a home is a significant undertaking and it is important to enter into the process with a solid plan and clear expectations of all the parties involved in the construction process. Good communication is essential to ensure the property owner, the general contract, subcontractors, suppliers, architects, and other involved parties are on the same page.


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