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Wisconsin employment: Hotels ordered to pay back wages to workers

Two hotel companies in another state were recently ordered to pay back wages to some of their employees. A total of 14 employees were reportedly not paid for working over their scheduled 40 hours per week, and some were paid less than minimum wage. Sadly, wage violations are common and can occur anywhere and in any job field. Wisconsin residents who believe they are victims of wage violations can turn to an employment law attorney for help in seeking compensation for their losses.

Overtime pay employment disputes

Sprint, one of the nation's largest cell phone service companies, is facing yet another lawsuit from former employees over unpaid overtime pay. Another lawsuit against the company for this same reason was just recently settled in another state. This is an employment law issue that may or may not affect Wisconsin residents, but it is certainly a good example of actions that can be taken by those who believe their employers have failed to compensate them appropriately.

Employment age discrimination case filed against HP

Hewlett-Packard is making headlines these days, but not for anything good. A former employee filed an employment age discrimination lawsuit against the company after he was let go from his job after nearly 40 years. As he is not the first person to bring such a claim, he is seeking class action status. While this case is taking place in another state, age discrimination in the workplace is a problem seen nationwide, including in Wisconsin.

Backpay possible following an employment wage dispute

Wanting to be fully and fairly compensated for one's time on the job is not unreasonable. When an employment wage dispute does occur, though, what can the affected individual do and what relief -- if any -- may be obtained? Through legal means, Wisconsin residents may seek compensation for their losses and even seek backpay for the time that they were unfairly or inappropriately paid.

Employers grapple with making reasonable accommodations for Islamic workers

We previously began looking at employers’ duty to make religious accommodations in the workplace. As we noted, employers are obligated to provide accommodations to employees so that they may meet religious obligations. The duty to provide religious accommodations is not absolute, though. Employers are not required to commit to accommodations that would be an undue hardship for them.

Is your workplace policy on religious accommodations in compliance with the law?

Workplace discrimination is an important area for employer to carefully address, both by establishing sound policies to remain in compliance with state and federal law and to address legal liabilities should they arise. The types of a discrimination issues an employer has to address can vary depending on the demographics of the work force.

When can I file a private discrimination lawsuit against an employer?

Workplace discrimination is usually a distressing occurrence for those exposed to it, particularly if the discrimination is followed up by retaliation against those who speak out or take action to stop it. One of the big questions these employees have is: how can I hold my employer accountable for allowing discrimination to occur?

Negotiating severance agreements: work with experienced legal advocate

In our previous post, we looked briefly at the importance of carefully approaching the negotiation of executive compensation. For employees, this is important to ensure fair compensation and appropriate job security, while for business, there is both the need to attract and retain high quality employees, and the need to balance financial limitations and manage risks.

Work with experienced advocate when negotiating executive compensation

Fair compensation is a high priority for anybody, in any profession. It is especially important for those employed in executive positions that require a high-level of expertise, time commitment, and personal responsibility. Those who are in a spot that allows them to consider employment offers for such positions understand the importance of negotiation, but may not know how to best approach to negotiating their own compensation agreements.


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